Christopher Nordmeyer


Christopher Nordmeyer played Handball as a semi-professional player for many years for TSV Burgdorf in the third and second league in Germany. In 2009 the team advanced to the first league (Handball-Bundesliga). In parallel he gained leadership experience as  head coach for female youth and senior teams (Verbandsliga &  2. Bundesliga).

He studied German and Sports for high school classes in Hanover. After his university degree, followed by a traineeship and six years of full time teaching at the Luther school Hanover he was hired in 2012 as  head coach of the „Recken“ of Hanover in the Handball-Bundesliga. During the five years as a professional coach, including the qualification for the EHF-Cup with games against the top teams in the European Handball, he was always trying to identify and activate potential performance improvements of his „outsider team“ using innovative methods in all areas of human performance. Especially in the area of mental training und social psychology in teams he identified huge potential for further development. During a research project of Heinz Wübbena in the area of group dynamics with the „Recken“ a very fruitful cooperation for both sides was developed. The continuous exchange of ideas and thoughts about various aspects in mental training, sports psychology but also about society aspects is the basis of a strong personal connection between Chris and Heinz.

Christopher is working as senior teacher in the school management of the IGS Garbsen. In parallel he is very active in the german handball federation DHB education system for coaches.  He is also acting on demand as a speaker in business settings regarding topics like leadership in Sport and Economy. As a team coach in the areas Sports and Business customers can benefit from his extensive experience in managing various teams in different settings.


2003 – 2005
Traineeship for Teachers at the Studienseminar Hannover II completed with the 2.  State Examination

1994 – 2003
Studies to become High School Teacher at the University of Hannover with the 1. State Examination


Additional Qualificationen

LUXX-Profile Master

CCM-Lecturer of the International Handball Federation (IHF)

European Master Coach Handball (European Handball Federation)

Teacher for the Coach-A-License-Qualification and member of the DHBs Teaching Comity

DHB-A-License-Coach (German Handball Federation)



Nordmeyer, C. (2012): In Ballnähe kompakt, ballfern antizipativ – Grundidee und Problemlösungen in der 6:0-Abwehr, Münster: Philippka-Sportverlag Nordmeyer, C. (2016): Leistungsstabilität und Leistungssteigerung psychischer Determinanten durch Diagnose und Intervention am Beispiel einer Profihandballmannschaft, Wien: European Handball Federation

  • Hanover, Germany