Coaching - for whom?

Team Coaching is the focus of our offering for enterprises and organizations. With the business version of our iGPM®-Team Diagnosis your company can benefit from our R&D efforts and methods in the area of professional team sport. Interventions derived from the results of a iGPM®-Team Diagnosis are not always  addressed to the whole team. In many cases only part of the team or individual team members are subject of the intervention. Therefore it makes sense to combine team coaching and individual coaching. Our preferred approach is a “symmetrical coaching” of all team members to secure the efficiency and sustainability of the coaching.

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Team Coaching

Everyone of us certainly has an idea how we can successfully work together with others in a team setting. But regardless of our knowledge and expertise it frequently does not work out in our daily routines to keep a close eye on our Team, reflect and adjust our behavior on a regular basis. Many so called “team building” measures are initiated with a good intention, but rarely have a sustainable effect on the productive cooperation and the social life of our teams.

With the iGPM®-Method we offer a structured approach for the team coaching, that is aimed towards the sustainable success, high individual satisfaction and stability of your teams.

Leadership Coaching

Successful leadership means, to reach common objectives with your team and constantly mediate between your own expectations and the expectations of others inside and outside of your team. It is very important to stay authentic and trustworthy while performing your job duties.

Our strongly individualized coaching concept for leaders takes advantage of long time experiences in team sports and business environment but also takes into account new research results in the areas of leadership and group dynamics. For the leadership coaching we also rely on state of the art personality diagnostic tools like LUXX-ProfileTM.

Employee Coaching

The basis of our Employee Coaching is a very good understand and acceptance of the own personality and the tolerance for the personality differences between colleagues. The individual attention should be directed towards value oriented behavior.

The objective of the coaching is a high self efficacy of the individuals working towards the common goals of the team and organization.

Lectures & Workshops

We are pleased to be able to offer specialized lectures and workshops on our key areas, tailored to your sport or your club, association or business, on request. Competitive situations for sports teams can often be compared to competition in business management: many of the methods and tools we use are also invaluable for companies and organizations.