Attila Varga

Expert in Sports Psychology
Attila studied the Science of Sports at the Technical University Munich (TUM). (more…)

Christopher Nordmeyer

Mental Coach
Christopher Nordmeyer played Handball as a semi-professional player for many years for TSV Burgdorf in the third and second league

Lukas Kampa

Education of Sports Psychology
Since 2006 Lukas is playing as a Professional Volleyball Player in the European Top-Leagues. (more…)

Berit Kauffeldt

Sports Psychologist
Berit is looking back to a long-lasting professional career in sports. She travelled around the world with the German National

Dr. Heinz Wübbena

Managing Director
Heinz Wübbena first got an engineering degree in electronics. He was working 22 years in the microelectronics on an international

Peter Wellbrock

Sports Psychologist
Peter studied the Sports Science, Psychology and Educational Science. (more…)

Frank Muller

Sports Psychologist
Frank initially studied Psychology. Since he was playing (more…)

Stephanie Grootenhuis

MBA, Leadership & Team Coach
Stephanie Grootenhuis studied economics at the University Muenster and went on to work in international business for 25 years. (more…)