We offer comprehensive sport psychological advice, training and coaching for athletes, coaches, managers and teams in team sports. In addition, we carry out sport-specific trainer training and further education. On request, we are also available for lectures and workshops on our core topic team diagnosis and team development:


Team Coaching

For us, the team does not only consist of the team that is on the field. In our understanding, coaches and assistants who work with the team on a daily basis are part of the team as a competitive unit.   The individual composition of the team, the environmental conditions and the course of the season have a decisive influence on the current interaction, group life, performance and stability of the team. In team coaching we bring all influencing factors into context. With the loups® team diagnosis, we are able to determine the current status of the team quickly and reliably. Combined with the evaluation of participant observations in everyday training and competition as well as game analysis, we derive appropriate interventions that we propose to develop with the coaching staff and/or the team. The goal is continuous support and advice for the team throughout the season.

Coach the Coach

Depending on the type of sport and the level of performance, extremely high and very diverse demands are made on trainers. Individual coaching is often about optimizing coach-athlete communication in relation to mutual success. Different personality traits of the coach and the athletes might lead to various interpersonal challenges. Proper handling can significantly improve the relationship between coach and athlete. Especially for coaches in team sports a seamless and effective communication with the squad is crucial for the team success. Further topics can be the management of personal work  and recovery cycles, stress management and the handling of the very specific challenges in professional sports especially related to success and failure and the high attention in the media.

One-to-One Coaching

for Athletes

In one-to-one coaching, we work closely with you to develop and train your mental strengths, so that you can automatically put them to use in training and in competition, helping you to reach the next level of achievement and success. Other focal points include motivation and setting targets, managing recovery and pressure, how to handle fear and stress, preparation strategies for major sporting events, dealing with injury, but also aspects of personal development, career and life planning, or how to optimize the competitive environment. At a social level, an issue we often work on is improving interaction and communication with coaches or other athletes in a team.

Personal Development

Based on your individual desires, challenges and objectives you share with us in private communications we will support and accompany you not only regarding your sports career but also give independent and integral advise on your life planing. For professional athletes we perform a dual career consultancy. The objective is, that you become clear about your strengths in sports but also about future career opportunities. As a basis for the individual consulting we use tools for personality diagnostics. In our work with professional athletes we normally apply a motive structure analysis called LUXX-Profile™.

Manager Coaching

When professional or competitive teams or clubs form managerial and sporting strategies and goals, sports managers can find themselves torn between short-term and long-term plans. The fast pace of professional sport often conflicts with the pursuit of long-term positive development and sustainable plans and structuring.

We often advise or work with sports managers on issues such as internal and external communication, guidance on organisation and structuring within a business, club or association, working with both full-time paid staff and volunteers. Work-related competition is also not necessarily that different from competitive situations in sport. Decades of valuable experience and methods used in management and sport can come into play in our work with you.

Qualification and Education Seminars for Coaches

Age-appropriate mental training and professional sports psychology guidance at every stage of a competitive sports career is sadly still wishful thinking in most sports. So we believe that courses and continued education play a vital role for coaches, as they are key figures in sport, in particular for children and young people.

On request, we are pleased to be able to offer training or continued education for your organisation’s coaching and staff members, and for coaches at different levels (German C, B and A). We can offer tailored sport-specific seminars or courses, at your team’s home ground or at youth training centres.